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  • Do you have to be a member?
    No. Visitors are welcome, but if you intend to play frequently it is much more affordable to become a member.
  • Do I need my own equipment?
    No, equipment may be rented at the club. You do need non-marking court shoes however.
  • What about events, tournaments, private lessons?
    All of the above will be available to both members and visitors. Member pricing will always be more affordable.
  • Is there a Pro Shop?
    Yes, merchandise will be available for sale at the club.
  • Are there restrooms and showers?
    There are restrooms and changing rooms but no showers.
  • Is there food and drink to purchase
    Yes, there are cold drinks and grab and go snack and sandwich's available to purchase.
  • Can I hold a private party or corporate event at the Club?
    Yes, we have a “Party Room” for rent which includes 1-10 courts. Please contact us for pricing.
  • What is a "Drop In" session?
    “Drop In” is a regularly-scheduled organized event where players can show up to play without a partner. Players rotate in and out to mix/match with others of similar skill levels, creating a fun, dynamic, and social environment. Drop In sessions are scheduled each week to give players a chance to meet other players and experience the club. + The term “Drop In” implies no reservation required, however we do recommend pre-registering for the event to make sure you get a spot.
  • Can I reserve a court in advance?
    Yes. Visitors and members alike can reserve courts in advance. The difference is visitors pay more and can only reserve courts 2 days in advance. Members pay less and may reserve courts from 7-16 days in advance depending on the membership type. Courts are always subject to availability.
  • What are Club Hours?
    Mon-Sat | 6am –11pm Sun | 8am-8pm (Hours subject to increase or decrease relative to demand)
  • How do I reserve a court?
    Bash Pickleball Club utilizes CourtReserve to book courts and become a member. Please download the app or go to and click on: “create your free account”. Our memberships, of course, are not free but getting an account at CourtReserve is free. You then will be able to become a member or visitor and reserve courts immediately through the CourtReserve app.
  • How much does it cost to play? What's the difference between "Membership Fees" and "Court Costs" ?
    For full details on membership costs and benefits, please see the Member Access & Court Rates pages. Briefly, Monthly membership fees gain you privileges of reduced Event Play, Drop-In Play and Court Reservation Costs. Membership fees also give you earlier access to reserving the court(s) you want. All players attending the Club pay court fees. Visitors (non-members) pay the most. Bash Gold members pay the least.
  • What is the CourtReserve App? How do I use it?
    CourtReserve is a free app that you can download to your smart phone. It will help you reserve courts and join events even if you are not a member of the Club.
  • Do I have to make a reservation?
    No, we allow walk-ins as long as a court is available. It’s best to plan ahead, but not required. Saturdays from open to close are near 80% occupancy, so we recommend reserving your spot.
  • What if I’m not a member?
    You’re not required to be a member to reserve a court. If you are a member of the Club, you pay significantly less & can book courts more in advance.
  • What is the total cost to reserve a court as a non-member?
    $50 per hour per court. Up to 6 players per court.
  • Who do I contact to make the reservation?
    Members and Visitors may use the Court Reserve app to book courts in the calendar. (The app is free) Visitors may also text us your reservation request: (586)500-5136. Here’s what to include in the text: First & Last Name Date of Play Start Time & End Time (on the hour) # of Players
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